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Are you tired of breathing the same old Oxygen O2? All of us need oxygen to survive. It keeps our minds alert, our hearts pumping, and our other vital organs working correctly. Although we can often live for days or weeks without water or food, we can only live for a few minutes without oxygen.

Come by the Playa Oxygen Bar where we serve up the finest in scented O2. This is not your run of the mill oxygen; it is 99% pure, what the other 1% is, we are not sure, but are convinced it will not cause any harmful effects. Sit down and relax as you breath in clean, chilled, aroma flavored oxygen. You will feel relaxed and reenergized, ready for another adventure while attending the Burning Man Festival.

Did you know that about 2/3 of the mass of the human body is oxygen? It's provides us with about 90% of our nutritional energy with only 10% coming from food.  Come spend a relaxing 20 minutes with us and explore the Scent-Sation!!! At only 69/minute - you will want to try all the amazing flavors.

Up at an all-night rave; give that alcohol a little push over the top; manifest the refreshing characteristics and help avoid a severe hangover. Help us get the word out; cure whatever it is that ails you in just 20 short minutes. Make sure to ask about out frequent inhalers discount.

If you are looking for a healthful and social alternative to the mundane of Black Rock City or just a new experience, the Playa Oxygen Bar may be just the thing for you. Make your Reservations today!!!


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